Friday, July 29, 2016

My Birthday cake - Garden Girl

This year I started a new tradition. Not only make cute and special cakes for my family but for myself included. Since I have two boys, I decided to make a girly cake for myself. A special GARDEN "PRINCESS" cake, like my son called it.

The cake is 11 inches tall, the cake is 6.5in and the figure is 4.5 inches.
The Garden Girl is sculpted in modeling chocolate and the cake is chocolate with chocolate custard filling. I covered it fondant in order to do my design - Stained Glass effect. This cake combined my two favorite things: sculpting and painting.

I started by piping the flowers first with royal icing. The royal icing color is black. In reality you don't need a large amount of icing to pipe a cake like that. Just a tip - mix a small to medium batch. One table spoon of meringue powder would be MORE than plenty. I had lots left over. Otherwise you end up wasting a lot of black food coloring. Also, a little tip - start with brown food coloring, then add black, it will be easier to achieve black color and wouldn't use so much of the food coloring.

Here are some of the progress photos: