Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Glass Doll eyes 10 mm (flat back) Lite Aqua

I am suing 10 mm glass doll yes for this doll head. They are lovely Lite Aqua color. You can find them in my ETSY store:

Lite Aqua Glass Flat back Doll eyes

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Making Glitter Doll Eyes

I have been experimenting a bit with making new eyes for my dolls. I guess, i wanted something new and a bit more fun. Here I made a pair of eyes, 10mm with glitter. And the photo below shoes what it looks like on the doll. I used a bit darker clay mix to "pop" the eyes a bit more.

Friday, July 29, 2016

My Birthday cake - Garden Girl

This year I started a new tradition. Not only make cute and special cakes for my family but for myself included. Since I have two boys, I decided to make a girly cake for myself. A special GARDEN "PRINCESS" cake, like my son called it.

The cake is 11 inches tall, the cake is 6.5in and the figure is 4.5 inches.
The Garden Girl is sculpted in modeling chocolate and the cake is chocolate with chocolate custard filling. I covered it fondant in order to do my design - Stained Glass effect. This cake combined my two favorite things: sculpting and painting.

I started by piping the flowers first with royal icing. The royal icing color is black. In reality you don't need a large amount of icing to pipe a cake like that. Just a tip - mix a small to medium batch. One table spoon of meringue powder would be MORE than plenty. I had lots left over. Otherwise you end up wasting a lot of black food coloring. Also, a little tip - start with brown food coloring, then add black, it will be easier to achieve black color and wouldn't use so much of the food coloring.

Here are some of the progress photos:

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Kaspar, the Bohemian Poet with Elena, ODACA Artist - online class

Kaspar, the Bohemian Poet Online Class 

Dates: April 19-May 20, 2016 
All Skill Levels 

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, PLEASE ENQUIRE by EMAIL: artist@elenaoriginals.com


Kaspar: Base 6 x 9 inches Kaspar sits 6.5 inches tall (would be around 13 inches standing) 

How better to express one’s feelings of love and passion than through reading and sharing a poem? Better yet – create your very own Bohemian Poet – KASPAR – a romantic soul and a dreamer! Surround yourself with flair of Bohemia. Get in the mood and share his eternal search for love and inspiration. A poet is the one who writes poetry, the dictionary tells us. However for this particular piece I decided to sculpt a Poet Who Reads. I myself have always been a bookworm all my life. 

I started reading a huge amount of books at the age of 12 or 13, including poetry, fiction, history and lots of other stuff. So I can completely relate to my character, Kaspar. And I know there are lots of you out there – book lovers. Kaspar is a lonely “blue” poet, who seeks inspiration for his writings anywhere and everywhere, but mostly in the imaginative world of other writers and their creations. Books are his best friends. 

If you never had a chance to try air dry clay, like Creative Paperclay, here is your perfect chance – we will be using this wonderful modeling material to create Kaspar, from head to toe. But we will not stop there, we will be using fabrics, beads, wood, paper, etc. Sculpt, paint, dress, wig and accessorize your very own Bohemian Poet – KASPAR! 

Make miniature books with a variety of materials – leather, paper and clay. We will make his wonderful silk shoes, his jacket/vest, decorated with lace and multiple golden beads as well as his trendy “old” hat. We will paint his tender features with a few very fun techniques which later you will be able to use on your own creations. 

The also class includes the making of the miniature book which Kaspar is reading for inspiration. The book contains one of the poems by Lord Byron and measures less than 2 inches tall. It is made with paper, leather, threads and even beads! Prop books are made with polymer clay and also demonstrated in the class. You will receive inspiration to create your own tiny clay books. 

So join me in this fun and poetic class! 

Lesson Plan: 
WEEK 1: Sculpting the Head and the Body (part 1-6). Starting with an Armature, moving onto sculpting, drying, sanding and getting parts ready for painting. 

WEEK 2: Painting the face, hands and the body. Working on the Hair (part 7-8) 

WEEK 3: Costuming. Creating Shoes and Hat. (part 9-10) 

WEEK 4 Plus Bonus: Making the Base and Accessories - the book Kaspar is reading and the clay “prop” books) (part 11-14) Putting it all together.