Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sculpting Kaspar the Bohemian Poet PDF downlodable class. Sculpting a fun doll in paperclay.

Here's how Kaspar started - an armature and some clay on top.

Here he has some features sculpted. Remember he is a whimsical character, so lots of facial features are bring exaggerated. 

The head is finished. Pointy ears are completely optional! In case you want to turn him into an elf :)

Here's he has his coloring done. It is a few layer-process, showing step-by-step how to mix your colors and achieve a very smooth coverage on air dry clays like paperclay.

Here's our fella is all finished 

So if you are interested, download this 

I  will help you along the way, you can ask me questions
and send me your progress photos!

Contact me directly via email to purchase 
buy from my ETSY store (link below)!

Kaspar, the Bohemian Poet CLASS with Elena Loukianova, ODACA Artist

Thank you!

Have fun creating! Elena

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